On April 2008, the jury of the international competition "Lausanne Jardins 2009" examined 138 project entries by teams coming from 19 countries, over four continents. After three eliminatory runs, it chose to allot three first prizes, two second prizes, a special distinction, ten distinctions and sixteen mentions.

The prize list is characterized by an important internationalization of Lausanne Jardins. The five prizes reward teams coming from five European countries. Nearly twenty prize-winners from preceding editions did not find approval from the jury's eyes, proof of the difficulty and the high level of this competition. But this fact also indicates a remarkable renewal within the corporation of the architect-landscape designers in Europe.


The jury chose to award the first prizes to proposals which, while adopting a subtle and rather quiet strategy, deeply question the uses of public space: urban squares invaded by automobile car park, uniformly functional materialisation of the lake shores or overemphasized use of turf for public parks.

The 32 chosen projects offer a remarkable variety of proposals. They already make it possible to outline the scenography of a course which dialogues with the imposing landscape of Lausanne's territory. They all have been the object of a deepened analysis of feasibility, the majority of them having been lead to a realization in June 2009. Five gardens carried out by the Service of the Parks and Promenades of Lausanne and by the HES of Lullier were added to this list, selected via an internal competition.


Illustration panels of the projects presented below and the description from the report of the jury do not always correspond to the final outcome. For an overview of the realization of the projects, go under PHOTO GALLERY.