The impact of Lausanne Jardins was of international scale from its beginning. Proof is, several hundreds of articles already came out. In 2004, besides two international papers (El Païs and Le Monde), many foreign specialized periodicals (Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, Greece, Holland and Italy) as well as the almost totality of the Swiss daily newspapers devoted to it one or more pages. Several TV channels, Swiss and foreign radios also carried out reports and regular chronicles.
The questions of the future development of the city of Lausanne were in the center of most of the reports of the regional newspapers (24 Heures, Le Temps).


The press partners of Lausanne Jardins 2009 are the 24 Heures and the Radio Suisse Romande (RSR).



Many books were already published on Lausanne Jardins or mention it:
- Une envie de ville heureuse, collectif, Lausanne 1998
- Le Jardin ferroviaire, collectif, Lausanne 2002
- Eloge des vagabondes, Gilles Clément, Paris 2002
- Le sauvage et le régulier, Jean-Pierre Le Dantec, Paris 2002
- Topiaria helvetica, SSAJ, Zurich 2003
- Contemporary History of Garden Design, Penelope Hill, Basel 2004


Last publication: Carnet de route / Roadbook, by Francesco Della Casa, Lausanne 2009. Bilingual guide (Fr./Eng.) of Lausanne Jardins 2009. Sold by all our Friends from June 20th until October 24th 2009. See FRIENDS.