The three previous editions of Lausanne Jardins took place in 1997, 2000 and 2004. Dedicated to landscape architecture and urban gardening, these events shed a new light onto some of the Lausanne’s forgotten areas. They also brought to front the city’s impressive patrimony of parks and green spaces, well integrated to its urban fabric. The festivals also contributed in promoting landscape design in phase with the growing interest in Europe for the gardening arts.


For the 2009 edition, Lausanne Jardins spreads along four pedestrian pathways - or loops - configured around the M2 subway line. This new north-south connection of the upper part of the city to the lake deeply affects people’s understanding of the city, modifying daily life in Lausanne. Four pedestrian loops are linked to subway stations. Going up, the subway provides access to each loop, which is then explored downwards, by foot. This choice of scenario installs a dual mode of perception, moving alternately form underground spaces to a landscape open to the Lake and the Alps.


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